Wish List-One Child at a Time

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Every child needs to know that they are loved and supported. Each month, I strive to provide for care packages for the 6 kids at one of Koinonia’s emergency shelters, called the Koinonia Connections House. It is for kids ages 7-18, and it houses both girls and boys. I believe that with consistent care,  prayers, and support, healing can occur at all stages of life and for all involved.

If you’d like to help me, please see the latest service project below. You can purchase the items off the links provided, shop for items on your own and drop them with Renee Cain at Koinonia or myself. Please email me with questions at TheLoveInActionProject@gmail.com.

A. Calming Room for Large Emotions:

The Koinonia Connections House is in deep need of a new shed that they can place in the backyard and make into a calming room. Some of the kids have such intense emotions that they need a separate place to go calm down and de-escalate. If you’d like to donate money to the shed or purchase the shed for them, please let me know. Once in, it would be great to fill it with bean bag chairs, a soft rug, occupational therapy toys, and an AC unit.

Possible Options:



B. May Project Basket’s Theme is “Day Trip to the Lake”

Description: A day pass to Folsom lake and a basket for the house that gives each child a beach bag filled with: a pack of sugar free gum, a baseball hat to shade their face, chips, cliff bars or snacks, a towel, comic book or magazine (PG rated), Water bottles and flip flops. I’ll create the baskets and deliver them to my contact at Koinonia. This is a community service project and donations are at your free-will. You may also provide a written note card if you’d like me to include this in the baskets.

Wish List: 

Day Pass to Folsom Lake ($12 for Koinonia’s transportation pass): http://www.folsomlakemarina.com/parkfees.htm

  • 6 Beach Bags
  • Sugar Free Gum
  • Doritos Chip Packs
  • Pink Flip Flops (any extras will be saved for future baskets as new kids arrive)
  • Men’s Flip Flops (4 pairs needed)
  • Packs of Skittles Candy
  • Girl’s Baseball Hats (3 needed)
  • Boy’s Baseball Hats (4 needed)
  • 6 Pack of Beach Towels (one for each child, so they can own their own beach towel)
  • Granola Bars
  • Re-Usable Water Bottles (Pack of 6)


To donate, please email Michelle Kopkash at mlkopkash@gmail.com and Renee Cain at Koinonia at RCain@kfh.org.

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