3 Must-Have Easter Books for Children


With Easter preparations underway, there’s no better time to teach our children about God’s amazing gift and Jesus’s loving sacrifice to the world.

My children seem to learn best when I read to them while curled on the bed together or snuggled on the sofa. Here are three great Easter reads that will help bring the magnificent story of Easter to life for young children.

1. Best Easter book for Toddlers & Kindergarteners: 

“The Easter Story,” by Patricia A. Pingry.

Not only is this board book beautifully illustrated, but the author does a fantastic job summarizing the meaning of Easter in a few simple sentences spread throughout the book. “The Easter Story” talks about Jesus’s love for children, Palm Sunday, Jesus’ death, his resurrection and the fact that he gave his life to save ours. This is a great introduction to the story of Easter.

2. Most Entertaining Easter Book for Ages 4-7: 

“The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story,” by Jan and Mike Berenstain.

Once again, the Berenstain Bears authors hit the nail on the head and successfully delivered the intended message within the book’s delightfully colored pages. The story begins with Brother and Sister Bear discussing their love for Easter candy with their school teacher and then easily transitions into the story of Christ’s life, using a school play that the bears attend as the delivery platform. Readers will learn the basics about Jesus in more detail than “The Easter Story,” which is great for children with a longer attention span.

The Berenstain Bears books have done a fantastic job capturing the attention of young children since the 1960s.

3. Best Addition to Your Child’s Library: 

“God Gave Us Easter,” by Lisa Tawn Bergen 

If your child already understands the underlying meaning of Easter and you’re looking for a fun, supplemental Easter book to add to your child’s library, “God Gave Us Easter,” is a great read for Easter preparation. The book talks about the symbolism of the Easter egg and beautifully describes what it feels like to have Jesus speak to your heart. It leaves you with a warm feeling of being loved. Children as young as two and as old as ten will enjoy this book, in my humble opinion.


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